Tips For Boosting Sales During A Pandemic

This Pandemic is a war without gunpowder on the entire global economy. The world continues to fight against COVID-19, with health care issues and drastic downfall in economies causing stooping low national incomes. Here in this article we outline a few sales planning tips and strategies to make your business successful, even during the pandemic.

Hopefully by this point in the year, you have reviewed your business model, and if needed you have pivoted to alternate product offerings or services. Many in hospitality and entertainment industries have offerings that include online parties or food deliveries. If you are selling physical products, hopefully you have now shifted your focus to online sales rather than bricks and mortar stores or wholesale model.

Going Global Going Digital

The entire enterprise can be summed up in your computer, the operations, marketing, selling, and customer services. People are often a little reluctant when it comes to changes in their comfort zone, but business requires changes, modifications, to tap the market demand at the right time. 

In the past few months, the market, business models, the stock market and shares have undergone earth-shaking movement. It is the ideal time to explore CFO consulting to ensure your financial plan aligns with the market shifts. To keep pace with the times, all companies are facing tremendous pressure, especially for leaders in the digital field. 

Enterprises need continuous iterative innovation to meet the needs of rapid change, which is a digital transformation. Digital transformation is not just about going to the cloud and process automation, not a product or a certain solution, but will affect all the elements involved in all activities of your business. This involves changes in technology and business, reaching customers in different ways, etc. Digital transformation refers to the continuous transformation of enterprises and the entire industry with the rapid development of digital technology.


What to sell?

Opening a business is not a bad idea, even in the pandemic crisis. It’s just that one should know what to sell or what’s in demand. Choose products with a high repurchase rate and seize the potential for repurchase. Most of these products could be daily use items, small and lightweight products, related beauty, personal care, and kitchen supplies, comfortable cotton pajamas, clothes, and highly demanded in pandemic immunity boosters. One should consider more cost-effective products to cater to the diverse purchasing power, as in pandemic, everyone has a cut on their pockets and wishes to spend as little as possible.

Promote With Social Media Influencers

Since lockdown has forced us to stay at home, the only way to be social is via social media. A really strong way to build trust with audiences can be through social media influencers. You can contact social media influencers if they align with your product or service and ask if they are interested in promoting it. This is the easiest way to target your audience, for example, if your product is related to fashion or womens loungewear, you can get in touch with a fashion blogger with many subscribers to easily get your product to your targeted customers.

Set up Email Marketing

With the rapid growth of the Internet, the total number of Internet users exceeds billions. Interacting with such a huge user base, as a modern means of advertising, e-mail is receiving increasing attention. As long as you have sufficient email addresses, you can publish advertising information to tens of millions of target users in a short period, and the marketing scope is very wide, and the advantage for the company is that users will have their advertisement and valuable information to the potential customers on their emails. Email marketing itself is directional; it can analyze the potential customers by the history of people or their email ids visiting your website and how often. According to that, emails are sent a few times to get your brand in the notice of your potential customers.