Ideal apartment in Melbourne CBD

Melbourne CBD

Finding an ideal new apartment for sale is usually made up of a list that consists of the following:

  1. How convenient it is to go to the supermarket? The ATM? To the police, the ambulance/hospital, to the fire station?
  2. How far is it from the nearest public transportation?
  3. Is it a safe neighbourhood?

There’s always that. But how do you find that an apartment is for you? Is it via feng shui? Its aura? Or its good omen of being available at the right time and given the right budget?

But first, let’s understand Melbourne CBD.

Melbourne CBD

Melbourne CBD, short for Central Business District is quite uncommon to have student-affordable accommodations except if you’ll share a room or a flat with somebody else.

The City Centre is Australia’s and the Asia Pacific region’s major financial centre. It is surrounded by the “big four” banks of Australia, the two largest gaming companies Crown and Tabcorp. Telstra, Australia’s largest telecommunications company and Toll and Transurban which are the two largest transport management companies are located here too. The iconic brewing company named Foster’s Group.

Melbourne busy roads

Together with the State Government of Victoria, it also served as the main administrative centre. Three campuses stand erect in the area and towards the southern part. And four out of the 6 tallest buildings in Australia are currently at Aurora Melbourne Central.

Knowing these details help you understand what you’d like to go for, is it a temporary or more like a permanent stay?

Ways on how to find the ideal apartment for you in Melbourne CBD

In buying an existing or off the plan apartment, you may go straight to a developer to have a look at what’s available in the market. Find a realtor or an agent and do tripping for some that are for sale. Tell your budget upfront and mention what you need as you want it near a train station, your kids or you will go to UNI, you need to get hold of the first around here.

In renting an apartment, people that are in dire need usually go online to check some properties and apartments beforehand. There are these websites named Gumtree, Real Estate Australia and maybe Craig’s list.

There may be discrepancies in your search since the word “flat” is how they address their apartments in Australia. Some may not carry this tag name “apartments” but were available under “flats”. So don’t rely on it too much. Reading the fine-print magazines will teach you a thing or two.

You may also contact a realtor yourself if somebody had referred it to you. Expect that the realtor or the agent may impose a fee for showing you around on top of the rent which may be expensive in itself.

In the online site, Furnished Apartment Sydney and Melbourne, furnished apartments listings are published and updated. Here, you can check out everything with the images, bargain with the rental fee imposed, and contact somebody since they have 24/7 contact support and online help.

Online websites, in general, are helpful this way so as not to go back and forth on trippings. It might only end up with not being granted of the apartment in the end. What you need to be cautious about are the scams that are filtering those online websites. The common victims are international students and first-timers.

Every tram is connected to the university so if you or your partners are to rent a flat in favour of that, you don’t have to rent an expensive one in the city, just do so near the tram. Then you save more.

On the other hand, if money is not an issue, by all means, pick a handful of choices and see them for yourself. Be reminded not to wire any money to a person who claims to be an agent if you haven’t met him or her face to face. It’s also good to interact with locals nearby to know the landlord’s story.

Last, but not the least, consider talking to some university students as well through social platforms like Facebook pages. Find forums and discussions. Be responsible by looking after yourself. Make your necessary research. It will always take you a mile ahead.