How To Protect Your Merbau Decking

Before deciding which oil to use, you should consider the color of your merbau floors. Merbau floors already contain natural oils during their production, so the most recommended type of oil is a water-based oil to protect its aesthetics and not interfere with the use of the floor. While these oils enhance the color of a merbau floor, they also seal and protect it, extending the life of the floor.

To get the most out of your deck, it is important to apply the right merbau decking oil treatment. Once your wood deck has been oiled, you should maintain a regular schedule of deck lubrication and sealing every six to twelve months to ensure the deck lasts and maintains its best appearance all year round. It is a good idea to establish a maintenance procedure that protects your deck and avoids costly repairs. Annual deck maintenance prevents repairs, protects against weather damage and stops potential safety concerns.

Consider using a protective finish to protect your deck from moisture caused by winter weather. A clear repellent (or tinted stain remover if desired) can help protect your deck from cracks, cracks, and warpage. A good natural terrace oil will accentuate your wood and provide reliable UV protection.

Clients often mistakenly use merbau pigment oil on brand new decks, resulting in incredibly dark decks with little to no woody feel. TIP 1. Merbau flooring is a fairly dark wood, so if your deck is new and is receiving its first treatment, we recommend starting your journey with a decorative oil with natural pigments and continuing to Light oak. We recommend Jarrah Natural / Light Oak Oil for patios as the pigment is used in the least amount, which helps prevent further darkening of the wood.

You can also use oxalic acid deck cleaners to remove aged wood and restore it to its former beauty. Wait a few days for your deck to dry completely before applying any wood preservative. You can follow these maintenance instructions for your Merbau decking and then apply Merbau oil or stain. Start by lightly brushing the cleaning solution onto the deck.

Haymes Simply Woodcare Dexpress decking and wood stain is the best decking oil for merbau wood. It is designed for a durable finish that protects flooring and elements.

It also provides protection against swelling and discoloration that can occur on any deck over a period of time. You can also rub or oil the wood to protect it from the elements. If your patio has been treated with a product that forms a protective film on the surface, sometimes cracking, flaking or flaking, it must be completely removed before adding flooring oil.

Instead of trying to remove the oily coating and replace it with something that won’t work, like a stain or varnish, it’s always easier to remove the non-oily coating and replace it with flooring oil. For example, a flooring paint remover is a great way to get rid of many floor stains and paints so you can replace it with delicious oil. Just scrub the surface thoroughly with a quality decking cleaner to get rid of the dirt and then lubricate it again.

Before applying any Merbau hardwood flooring, always wash the parquet and scrub with oxalic acid. You can find it at most hardware stores. rinsing. If the deck needs more cleaning, you can use a stronger brush and some water. Using a pressure washer / pressure washer will wash away any remaining dirt and thoroughly iron the entire deck. It is best to do this in the spring so that you can wash off all the dirt that has accumulated and hardened on the terrace over the winter.

By regularly sweeping your deck, you will protect it from mildew and keep litter to a minimum. In case your wooden deck is in poor condition, you need to sand the surface. Unless you plan to reapply the original Danish oil coat, make sure you sand down the previous wood coat.

This will help prevent some particles from building up and damaging your deck. This will help get rid of the mold and help you identify any problems over time, as well as protect your deck.

This not only matches the finish, but also prevents oil from accumulating inside the grooves if you are using corrugated deck boards. The use of a soft brush allows the oil to be easily distributed, as well as to remove excess oil and apply it to other parts of the deck. A hard brush can scratch or tarnish the flooring and should not be used.

Generally, the better the deck is maintained, the less often it needs to be lubricated. New wood needs to be exposed to the elements: most experts recommend waiting 6-8 weeks after installing the flooring so that natural tannins can completely seep through the wood [5]. However, when applied with a high quality oil treatment, the oils penetrate the fibers, providing deeper protection and helping the bridge maintain its gloss for longer.

Waterless oil treatment is recommended for people with colder climates or with open decks who are constantly exposed to weather conditions. Intergrains UltraDeck Timber Oil offers the assurance that your deck will never flake, bubble or flake when used correctly.

Flooring stains are basically paint-like products that coat the surface of the flooring, creating a plastic-like layer on the surface that seals the flooring wood and protects it from elements (including sun, rain, mold, and algae). They leave a light film on the wood surface that protects against water and ultraviolet rays. However, they leave a very protective film on the surface of the wood, which lasts much longer than oil-based products. After all, oils are the best flooring product because they penetrate the wood and protect it much better, longer than anything just on the surface, and allow the wood’s beautiful natural texture to shine.