Guide to air compressor troubleshooting


There are so many reasons and causes due to which an industrial air compressor can cause problems. Most of these problems do have quick fixes and help you solve them, while some of them might require you to contact the support from the store you purchased the air compressor. Here are some of the reasons why your air compressor is not working or casing problem:

  1. If you find the air compressor not working and if there is an operational failure, then the reason for this could be the failure in electrical power or a failure in the pressure switch, or the cut-in pressure is low. This problem can be resolved if the appliance has an electric power supply. The pressure switch failure and low cut in pressure can be solved, by replacing the switch and have a check on the oil level for the appliance.
  2. If you find excessive noise produced while operating the air compressor, then there could be a problem with the flywheel or the pulley or the cooler or the clamp or the belt guard or any of the other accessories. If these parts a loosely tightened and is making contact with the parts of the air compressor while operating the device. So if the loosely tightened parts and accessories have tightened this issue should be fixed. This includes the floor mounting of the compressor as well. So replace the vibration pads while tightening bolts of the air compressor parts. If there is the noise by the valve plate hitting the piston, then the head of the cylinder has to be removed, inspected and cleaned before fitting it back. So excessive noise can be solved by checking the crank head, and have repair and replace the crankcase in case of damage or defect. Adding the new gasket in the assembly can also help in prevent noise emission from operating the appliance.
  3. As the RPM the air compressor is knocked three times. There are only 3 causes to this problem. The problem could be the connecting rod to the bearing or with the main bearings or this can also happen with a loose flywheel. Hence for these things, you have to change your connecting rod or the bearings that are defective and if the flywheel is loosened it has to be tightened.

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4. If you have the oil reservoir of your air compressor milky there can be only one cause and it is there might have been water entered into the oil reservoir. And the entering of air is due to the working of the air compressor in a place where there is high humidity. As a solution to this problem, you can place a pipe for the intake of air that only allows an air of less humidity to enter inside the air compressor. And also have a service unit to clean the oil reservoir forever 50 days or 500 hours of changes in the oil.

5. You can also find the leakage of air from the air compressor from the interstage safety relief valve during the plumbing process of the compressor and there are two reasons for this problem. The reason can be that the safety valve is not functioning fully, so it is so you have to remove and replace it with a new valve. If the leakage from the safety valve is moe then you must have the cylinder removed, cleansed, and inspected before putting or reassembling all of its parts together. The second cause of this problem can be the gasket, where it can become leaky during the inlet of high pressure inside the valve. You can change the leaking gasket to a new gasket to resolve this problem of air leaking from the air compressor.