DIY Projects For Social Isolation

using traditional oil for crafts

In today’s COVID-19 situation, with most of the world being on lockdown, humankind has been given its ultimate challenge – to stay at home. 

If you live in a house it might not be too hard though! You can renovate and rebuild or paint a new layer of timber floor polish on your floors – it’s a win having all this time on your hands!

Ironically, those who have been working hard may have all the money and time in the world right now, but are no longer allowed to even go out of the house. The funny part is that we all wished to have a timeout from work. But after a few weeks of staying in doing nothing, we are itching to go back to the office, aren’t we?! 

According to the Bible, Man was created in the image and likeness of God. Like Him, we are bound to love creating too. It’s a way to fulfil the highest level in Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, which is self-achievement

But while you are limited to the inside of your house, what do you do to achieve this? You might not be excited about floor paint like your parents, but more drawn to arts and crafts? 

While DIY projects could be anything from crafts, food, treatments to physical goals, below are my favourite DIY home project ideas to keep you busy during social isolation.

  • DIY LIP BALMwhitewash furniture in isolation

How much do you spend on your lip balm per year? AUS$50-100? Well, here’s a solution: Turn this yearly expenditure into a source of income. With the help of simple tools such as a beaker, stirring rod, 8 pieces of empty lip balm tube, a pot, weighing scale, and gloves, you can make it possible. Add a tape, marker, potholder, medicine dropper, and a paper towel on the side for later use. The fun part is choosing the ingredients for your lip balm composition. The ingredients are sweet almond oil (15g), beeswax (12g), cocoa butter(8g), and around 10 drops of the essential oil of your choice. The stronger you want it to be, the concentrated the supposed ratio. The procedure takes 1½-2 hours of cooking, boiling, mixing, filling in, pouring, and cooling off. Note that this activity is for adults only as chemicals can be dangerous. But those as young as pre-teens may also learn how to do it provided there’s adult supervision.


Bring a feel of Easter to life at your own home using recycled materials. Specifically, the tissue roll core. People have been panic buying tissue and of course, there’s also a surge in the number of waste generated from it. So, turn this tissue roll cores into bunny pen holders as you decorate it with recycled cut-outs. Decorate it as you please or paint it according to your mood. This DIY project is highly recommended to those who have kids. This project costs nothing!


Sadly, gourmet restaurants are often the only place we get hold of deviled eggs. Well, now you have time to learn how to make them! It’s fairly easy. Just hard boil eggs for 15 minutes then transfer them to cold water once done. Shell eggs and cut them in half. Be careful not to smash them when doing so. Separate the yolks into a bowl then mash it with a fork together with some yellow mustard. It doesn’t take much of an expert to balance out the taste. Let your tactile senses take you away and have a taste now and then to assess the need for salt, pepper, and paprika. Add onion, celery, and seasoning to egg yolk, then mix well. On the other hand, lay the egg whites on a plate where the mashed ingredients will go. Transfer the mixture into a piping bag and then let the egg whites serve as the boats to receive the loads. Choose your garnish from paprika, mint, or you can even include fried bacon bits to add some personal touch to it.


As many spa clinics are closed to control the spread of the coronavirus, you can make your own treatments at home! Mix rosewater and coconut milk when indulging on a relaxing bath. You ran out of skin moisturizer because you had allotted your budget to stock on tissues? Make your own using olive oil and honey. Organic face or body scrub can be achieved using honey and brown sugar. For a lip scrub, you may use non-petroleum jelly and raw sugar. Lastly, mix egg yolk and lemon juice if you want an anti-redness facial.


Physical exercise apps nowadays encourage you to shape or program your exercise routine. To name a few: the Nike Training Club App, Steezy Studio App, and Better Me App. These apps are programmable and you can also match it with any iTunes or Spotify workout playlist you have programmed. You are more likely to conform and challenge yourself at the same time when you program what you have set yourself to accomplish.

Recreate or tweak these home-made projects when needed. Make the most of all this unhurried time you have on your hands. Involve your family as much as you can to form a bond, and to make the most of each moment. In the end, it’s not about how right or wrong you did it, but that you did it.