Colour Trends for 2019!

2019 colours

Perhaps you will think it’s too premature to discuss interior colour trends for 2019, right?

However, because I recently visited two of the primary European design fairs that are also the first design temples of this year, I think there’s already enough material to create some consideration with this. Indeed, what is spotted at the major fairs usually is exactly what you may see around in the next year. That is why seeing these events is indeed a fantastic resource for inspiration and news if you’re in the insides and design market.

Pastel colour tendency

The most interesting fact I have seen is a fresh use of colours and a new assortment of exciting shades.

The new major trend, indeed, is pastels used as fresh neutrals.

To be complemented by soft and warm colours, such as terracotta and chocolate, and naked ones like beige and mushroom.

This return to pastel colours goes using a new retro flavour with a Seventies twist that’s clear in the soft colours and large structures of the most recent furniture collection. But everything comes together in a brand new whole mood that is thicker, brighter and toned down.